Wednesday, March 12, 2008

What Happened to My Mess??!

Nearly every week since I moved into my new home, a nice woman named Pat comes to my house for a few hours. She always comes when my Mom and Dad are at work and sometimes she even gives me treats (approved, of course, by Mom).

Pat has funny toys. One makes a really loud loud that I have to plug my ears. Another uses water on the tile outside of my cage. Mom calls the toys a "vacuum cleaner" and a "mop." She says they are used to clean the floors. Mom says it is Pat's job to help clean the house.

BUT WHAT IF I DON'T WANT MY SPACE CLEANED?!!! Doesn't Mom realize it takes me at least a FULL HOUR to throw hay all over the place and chew enough cardboard from my boxes to cover the floor? It takes Pat less than 5-minutes to clean it all up! Just look at how my room looked when Mom got home today.

Can you see my problem? My tube and boxes are standing up! And...she even cleaned up every piece of hay on the floor!

UGH! Now I am going to have to start all over. First, I need to get my box back in the spot I like. Hmm...wonder if I can push it over?

Darn...that didn't work. Maybe if I run REALLY fast by it, the box will fall down.

That didn't work either! Mom must have seen my distress because she helped put my stuff back into place.


I need to go now. I have more work to do to get my space back to "normal." I know Pat is going to come back but I can have fun until she does!

Bye for now!