Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Runny Nose!

Hi everyone! I hope you are doing well.

I've have not had a very good week. I started sneezing on Tuesday. I tried to tell Mom that I just got a piece of hay stuck up my nose (it happens all of the time). But she wasn't so sure.

I did my best to hide from her. I didn't want her to see that there was this funny liquid dripping out of my nose. I used my tongue to lick it up real fast so Mom couldn't see it.

I kept trying not to sneeze, but sometimes I just couldn't stop. On Thursday I sneezed so many times (it seemed like a million) that a whole bunch of stuff came out of my nose. Mom called it snot. Whatever it was, it was yucky looking. As you can imagine, Mom was horrified. I had been caught! And I knew right then that I was going to have to go to see the V-E-T.

Sure enough, Mom loaded me into her car and took me to see Dr. Tasha the next day. I was NOT happy. Don't get me wrong, I like Dr. Tasha. I am just not a fan of being poked and having funny looking metal sticks stuck up my you-know-what! Plus, Mom had Dr. Tasha cut my nails. UGH! I actually acted pretty good, but I did squirm a few times just to make sure Mom knew I wasn't too happy about all of the "special" attention.

Dr. Tasha told Mom she was worried about my nose, so now I have to take those icky medicine pills for 14 days! I hate those pills. I hate them SO much that I do not make it easy for Mom and Dad to give them to me. They "think" they can sneak them into my food and treats. Do they really think I won't notice? Ha!

Here's Dad trying to feed me one of my pills....with carrots.

Man...he's good. It took some time, but somehow I managed to miss the pill in the carrot and I ate it anyway. Yuck, yuck, yuck! Dad smiled when I ate it.

Since I am "under the weather," Mom told me I wasn't allowed to leave the house for awhile. So today, Mom and Dad went to the Muscatine Art Center's annual ice cream social (Mom is President of the Friends of the Muscatine Art Center). I didn't really want to go anyway, so I wasn't too upset. But Dad brought back this photo of my Mom and my Aunt Lynn (she's not really my aunt...but my favorite sitter). Mom is on the left and Aunt Lynn is on the right.

Don't they look silly in those hats? Mom said the hats were one of the art projects for the kids that came to the social. I guess Mom felt bad that I didn't get to go to the ice cream social. She bought me a new colorful cube to play in. It's kind of cool. Thanks Mom!

Well that's the news that's fit to print from my house today. Bye for now!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

It's Raining.....Cilantro?

Hi everyone! I hope is well with you.

As you know, it has rained a TON here in Iowa this month. But something else very strange is happening at my house. Sometimes....late in the falls into my room. That's right, FOOD FALLS INTO MY ROOM.

I have no idea where it comes from but I sure do like it!!

Tonight, it rained cilantro. Somehow Mom even caught it on tape and made this really cool movie. Check it out!

Bye for now!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Rain, Hail, Floods....Oh My!

Hi everyone! I hope you are OK. I am doing fine...but I sure wish it would stop raining!

As many of you know, we're having what Mom calls "a historic" flood year here in Iowa. My town is on the Mississippi River, but my house is far from the I am dry. In fact, my room is so comfortably, I don't have any problems falling asleep (I sleep with my eye half-open).

But yesterday (Saturday) the thunder and rain woke me from my afternoon nap. A few minutes later I heard these loud crashes and suddenly Dad came running down the stairs and told me and Mom that it was hailing. Hail?! Mom must have seen my face because she quickly told me hail is basically chunks of ice falling from the sky. Oh no! I decided to head back into my cage and bury my head in my hay bowl.

Mom and Dad went to the garage to watch the storm. Here is a movie Mom took of the hail.

WOW! That was some storm! Here are a few more photos from the storm.

The hail even shredded the leaves on Mom's hosta plants.

As you can see it rained REALLY hard. Well it has rained REALLY hard many times in the past few weeks. Yesterday the rain came so fast that some water got into Dad's office and got the carpet all well. I guess Mom and Dad will have to buy new carpet, but they told me there are many people with standing water in their houses.

Mom told me there has been so much rain here in Iowa that lots of rivers are flooded. I didn't know just how bad it was (since I don't go outside much), but Mom told me that thousands of people are flooded out of their homes. I feel bad for them...and I am worried about the rabbits here in Iowa. I sure hope all of my bunny friends are OK.

Mom says the Mississippi River in our town is flooded again and this time it is worse than it was earlier this year. Here are some photos she took today. Here you can see Mom's favorite sculpture. She is really worried about it.

Here you can see the sculpture and what is normally a parking lot and railroad crossing.

Mom sometimes parks by these signs...can you believe it?!!

This is Mississippi Drive. The river now covers parts of the new meaning to name of the street.

This is an old train depot on the riverfront now known as the Pearl City Station.

The biggest flood on record here in Muscatine happened in 1993. There is a plaque on the wall of the Pearl City Station that shows the high water mark from the 1993 flood.

Mom says the river is now supposed to get within half-a-foot of the record...and that's only if the rain stays away for the next few days.

Some buildings downtown are already taking on water. Here some people are trying to protect buildings.

I sure hope the water goes down soon. Mom says I should be thankful that I have a dry place to stay. I sure am glad about that! But just in case the rain gets worse, I am going to guard my cage.

Stay dry everyone! Bye for now....

Friday, June 13, 2008


Hi everyone. Being the high-tech rabbit that I am, I finally got my Mom to help me sign up for twitter.

Don't know what twitter is? It allows me (or Mom and Dad) to update what I am doing from their phone! How cool is that? Best of all, you can see my twitter posts on my blog (just look in the section under my profile....on the right side of the page).

If you want to see my actual twitter page, you can go to:

Don't worry, I will still update my blog. But this allows me to update you when Mom and Dad don't have computer time for me.

Hope all is well....we're having a terrible flood here in Iowa, but my house is OK. Maybe Mom will be able to help me update you on the flood with new photos in a couple of days. Right now, however, I need to get back to twitter!

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi everyone! I sure hope you are having a great day. I sure am. That's because today is my FIRST BIRTHDAY! That means I am now officially one year old!

I didn't realize it was my birthday today until I woke up and found my cage and room decorated with colorful crepe paper. And as soon as I saw the paper, I heard my Mom say, "Happy Birthday Jackson Harering."

I really liked the colorful tastes SO good!

I guess my Mom and Dad have been preparing for my birthday for awhile now. First, I got this really cool water bottle as my present. Can you see the yellow duck floating in it?

Second, Mom and Dad made me this really cool cake in the shape of a bunny! The "cake" was a mixture of my pellet food and dried fruit on a plate of cilantro (Yum, Yum, Yum!). It also had a carrot "candle." Here's a photo Mom took of my cake right before she brought it to me.

Mom and Dad came downstairs with my cake and they were wearing these funny looking hats. I am not a huge fan of hats, but today I didn't care. My cake was SO cool that I didn't mind wearing a hat.

I was so excited about my cake that I wasn't sure what to eat first. I opted for the cilantro because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE cilantro!

Finally I moved on to the actual "cake."

Can you tell it was SUPER YUMMY??!!

Besides the water bottle, I got a new comb and a some chew stick treats. But more importantly, I got to spend time with my Mom. She just got home yesterday from her long trip to LA. Spending time with Mom is WAY better than any birthday gift!

At one point, Mom asked if I would share my carrot with her. I think you can tell by the look on my face that I was shocked she wanted some of my cake.

I thought about sharing...but then I realized it is my special I quickly pulled the carrot out of my cake and ran off with it. (Sorry Mom).

I didn't want Dad to feel left out, so I thanked him for the great cake and gifts.

Thanks for the great birthday party Mom and Dad. And thanks to the rest of my family and friends....especially my BunSpace friends.....for sending me birthday greetings.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to lick the cake off my paws. :)

Bye for now.