Tuesday, June 9, 2009

She Caught Me!

Yep...she caught me. I am not proud of it. But what can I do? Sometimes I need my beauty rest! Being an active rabbit is hard work!

This morning my Mom caught me at my most vulnerable moment....relaxing after a good run around the house. Mom LOVES it when I flop down on the floor. I just wish she wouldn't document it. But alas, she did. Here are the pictures to prove it.

Now...I need to get back to my nap. Bye for now!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me!

Hi everyone! Today is a big day in my life. I am officially TWO years old.

Last year I didn't really know what a birthday was. But I learn quickly so I was prepared this year. I started bugging Mom about my birthday over a week ago. At first she pretended not to notice. Finally she asked me what I wanted for my "big day" this year. I told her I wanted a cake just like last year (but with 2 candles...because I am TWO now). I also told her I wanted streamers but NO party hats. Well I almost got my wish.

During the night, the birthday fairy decorated my room with colorful streamers.

Then Mom and Dad brought me a bunny-shaped cake with TWO carrot candles and cilantro. I was so happy I couldn't wait to eat it!

But then Mom did make me put on a hat. Oh well...I decided I could wear the hat for a bit since Mom made me the cake I wanted.

I tackled the cilantro first.

Then I stuck my face right in the middle.

Finally I ditched the hat and attacked the "candles."

Here are some more photos from my big day.

Enough with the photos....can I please have more cake?!

Oh...one more thing...I told Mom that I didn't want a pile of gifts this year. Instead I told her I wanted to give the bunnies at the local humane society some hay and treats...because every bunny should have hay and treats....even if they don't have a home. So Mom is taking a bag of goodies to the Muscatine Humane Society this week.

Thanks Mom! This was the best birthday ever!

Now...I must get back to my cake.

Bye for now!