Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today started off as a normal day.  Mom fed me my usual breakfast, I roamed the lower level of the house, and I napped in my infamous "man cave."  So I was not happy when Mom and Dad told me that they had a BIG surprise for me.  Why wasn't I happy?  They forced me to watch them clean my room before they revealed my surprise.  I paced back-and-forth outside of my room, anxiously awaiting my surprise.  Mom decided to vacuum my I had to wait even longer (ugh!).  But in the end, I am glad I waited.  It's my birthday this weekend.  Mom and Dad surprised me with a cake!

Here's what my cake looked before it arrived in my room.  Can you count the carrot candles?  Yep, I'm SIX!

As soon as the cake was mine, I ignored Mom and Dad and dug right in.  Mom snapped pictures anyway (honestly, I don't remember Mom taking the photos).  Of course, somehow she was able to get a birthday hat into some of the photos.  I really hate hats, but I like I promise not to be mad at Mom for the hat.


Mom says this is her favorite photo of the day ( mouth is wide open?)

When I was full of birthday cake, Dad took this picture of me and Mom.  She always wears the goofy hat on my birthday.  She says it has something to do with tradition.  I don't know what that really means, but if it means I get cake every year on my birthday then she can wear that goofy hat every year!  (Notice Mom's new glasses?  I think she looks like my Grandma McHugh in those glasses). 

That's enough excitement for me today.  I'm off to take a well deserved nap.  Until next time....

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Bunny Day 2013! has been a long day!  The Big Bunny asked me to help him hide eggs and deliver goodies to all of the kids in my neighborhood for Easter.  There are a TON of kids in my neighborhood, so it took me a long time to complete my task.  I came home to take a nap, but the Big Bunny had a surprise for me.  Take a look at my Easter basket!

I was so excited about my gift that I had to inspect it from all angles.  This requires patience.

I really like my new stuffed bunny. He will go nicely with my stuffed bunny collection!

I even inspected my basket from the pillow...just to make sure I could see all of the yummy goodies inside!

Happy Easter from my house to yours!

Until next time....

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I am afraid to admit this, but another birthday has passed me by.  Please accept my apologies for the belated post.  My mom has decided to go back to college (yes, she is crazy!).  As such, she hogs the computer and I don’t get much time with it.

I officially turned FIVE on June 1.  Can you believe it?  Time really does fly when you are having fun.  In my case, fun is sleeping in my man cave and running around my dad’s office.

I had forgotten my “big day” was coming until mom strung the big “Happy Birthday” banner across the door to my room. 

This year, my dad made me a yummy birthday cake of oats, bunny food, cilantro, and pineapple.  He baked it in the oven and then mom added more cilantro (my favorite) and five carrot candles.

Mom tried to make me wear a hat, and she even succeeded to get one on me this year.  But, I quickly tossed it for a chance to get at my cake!

Here you can see me blowing out my candles!

Here I am with my mom.  Notice she is wearing the goofy birthday hat!

Thanks mom and dad for my special day.  I can’t wait for my next birthday!
All the best to everybun…JH

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter 2012

Hi everyone. It has been a long time since I updated you. So I decided to update you on the biggest bunny day of the year. Happy Easter....or Hoppy Bunny Day!

There are dozens upon dozens of children in my neighborhood, so the Big Bunny asked me to assist him with delivering eggs and presents this year. It is always an honor to work for the Big Bunny. But I must tell you, I am exhausted!

However, when I got back from my bunny duties, I was greeted by a HUGE basket from Big Bunny himself. How cool is that?

I was so shocked that at first I wasn't sure this was really for me.

But as soon as Mom assured me this was truly for me, I decided to inspect the contents. Forgive me, but I am too busy checking this out to pay attention to the camera.

First inspection is over....I'm jumping right in!

Did you notice that Big Bunny gave me a stuffed bunny? I've gotten one every year from Big Bunny. Mom thought it would be fun to take a photo of me with my growing bunny collection. Who's the most handsome bunny in this picture?!

Happy Easter!

Until next time.....

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I'm Four Today

Greetings everyone. I know it has been awhile since I updated you. I am finally living in my new house with both my parents. It has been a crazy year. So why not celebrate with a fantastic birthday bash?

That's right, I am FOUR years old today.
I am enjoying my new house so much that I nearly forgot my birthday was coming until Mom asked me what I wanted this year. I told her nothing special. I also specifically said NO HATS!
So what did I get? A HUGE cake, decorations, and a HAT! Imagine that my Mom didn't listen to either comment (I suppose this is what all bunny Moms do on birthdays).
Since my Mom went through the effort of decorating my new room and making me a cake, I wore the hat (for 10 seconds, maybe less). A bun's gotta do what a bun's gotta do to get to the good stuff: CAKE!
Here you can see my room decoration. Pretty cool, if I don't say so myself.

Here are a few photos of my custom-baked oat/carrot/banana/cilantro cake. YUMMY!

Okay Mom...I promise I will sit patiently for a few seconds...but honestly, I want my cake NOW!

It's cake time!

I can't get enough of this cake! And surprisingly, my Mom didn't care that I had my feet on the plate.

Did I mention that I REALLY like cake?

I think I have officially conquered another birthday, don't you?

Now if you will excuse me, I must get back to my cake. Bye for now...

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My New Favorite Toy

Mom bought me a "BunnyIQ" toy from my friends at BunSpace. I wasn't so sure I like the idea of having an "IQ" game. I'm the smartest rabbit on the block (well...I am the only rabbit on the block...but I digress).

I didn't really like the game at first but once I figured out that I get a treat every single time I play, I learned how to play it really fast! Check out the video Mom took of me with her phone.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hi has been a long time since we've last spoken. Things are just as crazy as usual in my house. My mom is busy with her museum job and I only get to see my dad on the weekends (when he isn't traveling for his job). Thump!

This year I begged my mom not to take me to see the big red man with a beard (AKA Santa). She agreed, but she failed to mention that I would have to wear a few hats for this year's holiday photos. Ugh! You know how much I hate hats!

Here are a few of the photos mom managed to take while I worked my best to take these stupid reindeer and Santa hats off!

FINALLY...I escaped the Santa hat....

....and took off straight for my box.

Happy Holidays!