Friday, June 13, 2008


Hi everyone. Being the high-tech rabbit that I am, I finally got my Mom to help me sign up for twitter.

Don't know what twitter is? It allows me (or Mom and Dad) to update what I am doing from their phone! How cool is that? Best of all, you can see my twitter posts on my blog (just look in the section under my profile....on the right side of the page).

If you want to see my actual twitter page, you can go to:

Don't worry, I will still update my blog. But this allows me to update you when Mom and Dad don't have computer time for me.

Hope all is well....we're having a terrible flood here in Iowa, but my house is OK. Maybe Mom will be able to help me update you on the flood with new photos in a couple of days. Right now, however, I need to get back to twitter!