Sunday, March 9, 2008

BunSpace Fanatic

I am SO excited about BunSpace that I could spend all of my spare (hint...non-playing time) on the computer. It's a good thing Mom lets me use her laptop whenever I want.

I love BunSpace because I get to meet bunnies from all over the world. This weekend alone I've met bunnies from Malta, New Zealand, and dozens more here in the US. How cool is that? I enjoy looking at their photos and I'm picking up tips on how to spruce up my "room."

I even get to show off my photos and my friends get to comment on them! Here are some new ones Mom took of me today for my BunSpace friends.

Best of all, I can share my blog with my BunSpace buddies and people are actually commenting on it.

I can't wait to get back online....gotta go!