Friday, March 28, 2008

Mom is Going Away for TWO Weeks!

I should have known something was up when I saw Mom taking the colorful boxes she calls suitcases out of storage on Easter. Today she told me she is going away for two whole weeks! As you can see, I am not excited about this news.

This time she is working on a radio program in a place called Brazil. And she is taking my friend Flat Michael with her.

I was really mad when Mom said Flat Michael was going with her. Why can't I go to Brazil? I decided to show my disapproval by trying to dig in my tunnel to Brazil (I gave up after about 5 minutes).

Mom told me that it is very hot in Brazil and there are BIG snakes there that would eat me in one bite! I'm not afraid of snakes. But then Mom told me she has to take a long metal tube with wings like a bird (something she says is an airplane) to get to Brazil. She reminded me that I don't really like riding in the car, so I probably would not like an airplane trip. I hate is when she is right!

I am going to stay here and keep an eye on Dad and the house. Shh...don't tell Mom but sometimes Dad is more fun to play with. He doesn't fuss over me like Mom does.

Since Mom is going away, I probably won't get to update my blog as much as usual (Mom says I need to be "supervised" when I am on the computer). But I am going to be able to see what Mom and my friend Flat Michael are up to by checking Flat Michael's really cool blog:

Have a good trip Mom! I'm going to miss you.