Wednesday, March 26, 2008

What Happened to My House??!!!

Hi everyone. I have had a VERY strange day.

First, my Mom was running late for a meeting so Dad fed me my breakfast this morning. That normally only happens when Mom is out of town for her job. Second, Dad told me that I might hear some strange noises for the next few months. Strange noises? Why?

It didn't take long for me to figure it out. Take a look at how the backyard of my house looks!

That pile of dirt is MUCH taller than all of the snow we had this winter! It is there because Mom and Dad have decided to add a room onto the back of our house.

I was too scared to watch, but Dad tells me a funny looking machine with a big shovel on the front of it dug this big hole. He says some workers are coming soon to pour what he calls a "foundation." Here you can see Dad inspecting the giant hole.

I'm not sure what to expect but Dad did tell me that it might take 4 months to finish the room.

FOUR MONTHS! Man, it is a good thing that my room is downstairs...far away from where the new room is going. I think I am going to need to get some ear plugs! I wonder if they make ear plugs in my size?!

To make matters worse today, Pat came and cleaned up my room. Now I am going to have to mess my room up again. I'd better get started.....