Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Bunny Day!

Whew...I've had one BUSY night. As you probably know, today is Easter. Easter means different things to different people, but in my house Easter is all about candy, chocolate, decorated eggs, and rabbits (of course!).

Last week, the most important bunny in the world, the Easter Bunny, asked me to assist him with his Easter duties. I hopped at the chance. Get it...hopped? :) Anyway, I've spent the past several hours hiding colorful plastic eggs full of candy for the kids in my neighborhood.

I would show you an example of my hard work, but then I would have to show you my hiding spots. That wouldn't be any fun, would it? :)

Being the Easter Bunny's helper really wore me out and I was expecting to come home and sleep. But when I got home I found this HUGE basket full of fun things in my room.

Mom told me the Easter Bunny left it as a reward for helping him. Cool!

My Easter basket was full of great things including a "salad bowl", a stuffed carrot, a bear dressed in a bunny suit (very strange) and an entire bag of my favorite berry yogurt drops!

There was also something called a harness in the basket. Mom says if I wear it, I might be able to go outside and play when it gets warm. I'm not so sure I want to wear this harness thing but it isn't warm outside so I don't have to try the harness on right now. All I want to do is inspect my new stuff!

Mom helped me open some of my new toys. I really like the ear on my "bear bunny." (Isn't it funny that the bear wants to be a bunny?!).

Happy Easter Everyone!