Thursday, July 3, 2008

I Can Walk!

Hi everyone. I hope you are well.

I still have my "snotty" nose. You know what that means. I am still taking that icky stuff they call medicine. I HATE taking my medicine and I do my best to make it very difficult for Mom and Dad to give it to me.

Last night when Mom was trying to give me my medicine, she discovered one of my hidden talents. I can walk on two feet! Yes, you are reading correctly. I can walk on two feet. Well, OK...I can actually hop on two feet. Anyway, Mom captured me tonight on video while Dad was feeding me my medicine. Here's the cool movie Mom made.

I get so excited when Dad feeds me this way, that I totally forget he's also slipped that icky medicine in my treat. Darn it anyway! Oh least Mom and Dad now know I am super talented.

Bye for now!