Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Another trip to the V-E-T...UGH!

I hope all is well with you. I've had another interesting day. Guess what? I had to go to the vet AGAIN.

This morning started out in the usual way. Mom came downstairs and gave me my medicine by sneaking it into a yogurt drop. Man...she is GOOD! Then she gave me my breakfast (carrot and kibbles). Usually Mom closes up my cage so she can go to work. I am fine with this because I nap during the day.

I should have known right away that something was up, because Mom left my cage door open. And if it is open, I normally nap next to my cage.

So there I was this morning, guarding my cage in my usual spot...minding my own business. All of a sudden, Mom came into my "room" with my travel cage and announced we were going to the vet's office. She said she was still worried about my snotty nose.

My nose is just fine. I keep trying to tell her that but she won't listen! So I immediately protested and tried to hide behind my boxes.

But as I said earlier, mom is GOOD. Before I knew it she had scooped me up and put me in my travel cage. What did I do to deserve this?

Soon Mom strapped me into the back of her SUV.

She always makes sure she can turn around and see this is what I look like when I am strapped in the car.

I really don't like the car much. I would rather be just about anywhere but inside the green cage in the big box on wheels my Mom calls "Queenie."

Thank goodness it only takes about 5 minutes to get to the Muscatine Veterinary Hospital.

By now I have learned the routine. Mom puts my cage on the floor and opens the door. She "helps" me come out and puts me on this big black thing called a scale. Today it said I weigh 4.9 pounds. I guess that's pretty good because Mom smiled.

Soon Dr. Tasha came out and took me to a room with a funny metal table so she could begin my "exam."

I don't like the metal table. It is very slippery. Thankfully Mom remembered to bring a towel so I didn't have to slip and slide on the table.

I will spare you the ugly details about what happened next. Don't get me wrong, I like Dr. Tasha. She is very nice. But she still had to use funny looking things to look in my eyes, up my nose, and in my mouth. She also put something in my you-know-what to make sure I didn't have a fever. Let me just say that is the longest 9 seconds EVER! (and I didn't have a fever).

Just when I thought the worst was over, Dr. Longtin came in to look at my teeth. If there is one thing I DO NOT like, it is someone looking at my teeth. I had tolerated all of the poking and prodding but I decided enough was enough! I kicked and squirmed a little just to make sure Dr. Tasha, Dr. Longtin, and Mom knew who is really the boss. Thankfully Dr. Longtin says my teeth look good. Whew!

After my exam was over, Dr. Tasha spent a few moments telling me what an awesome bun I am. I know I am awesome...but I wasn't going to tell her to stop petting me. :)

Dr. Tasha says I need to take the icky medicine for another week. UGH! But she does think my nose is better (I told you Mom!). But if my nose is still running next week, she wants to run more tests. Great. I sure hope my nose stops running!

When I got home, I gave Mom my best disapproving look....

...and then immediately ran into my cage to hide.

Mom knew I was mad so she gave me a yogurt drop as a peace offering. I immediately accepted but then went back into my cage with my best disapproving look on my face. Mom then told me she had to go to work, so she told me she would leave me alone for awhile. I was happy about that. Plus, I was super happy when I realized I left her covered in a ton of my fur. She had to change her clothes before she could go to work! Hehe.

Mom got home from work very late tonight and I immediately gave her a lick on the face to tell her that I forgive her.

That's all the excitement I can handle for one day. I'm off to play. Bye for now.