Monday, July 7, 2008

Noise = Progress at My House

Hi everyone! I hope you had a good holiday weekend.

Mine was quiet...thankfully! That's because for two days last week AND all day today, workmen have been making tons of noise at my house. You might remember that Mom and Dad decided to build on to the house. Mom thought the project would be done by now, but all of the rain this year has slowed things down. That didn't bother me much....less workmen means less noise to bother me during my daily nap. They don't make ear plugs big enough for my ears so I have just learned to live with the noise. But I will really be glad when the work is finally done!

Tonight Mom and Dad let me check out the progress on the construction project. The noise last week and today was from the workmen putting down the new floor. Mom really likes the floor. She says it brings out my best "colors." Whatever that means.

Here are some more photos Dad took of me and the new room. Check out the back door!

And here are some photos Dad took of me with Mom.

Now that I've seen the space, I can't wait for the new room to be done!