Friday, July 11, 2008

The Great Outdoors

As you know, I am a house rabbit. That means I live inside a wood box with widows, siding, and a roof that humans call a house.

So I was a bit leery this evening when Mom suggested we go "outside" to play in the yard. Outside? I normally only go outside when Mom takes me to the vet or to grandma's house...and then I am always in my green travel carrier.

Mom must have seen my disapproving look because she reminded me that the Easter Bunny gave me a harness this year so I could go outside. Well if the Easter Bunny thought it was a good idea, I decided I could at least try it.

I have NO idea how the Easter Bunny and Peter Rabbit can stand wearing a coat with buttons. The harness fits me like a jacket and I personally think it looks stupid. I certainly don't like it when Mom is putting it on me. But I reminded myself that Big Bunny thought it was a good idea. Hmm....sometimes I have to wonder about the sanity of the Easter Bunny. soon as my harness was on, my Mom and Dad took me outside to the front yard.

WOW! It is SO different outside. I could hear birds, feel the wind and see the blue sky. The yard is green and soft, but it feels kinda funny under my feet. Mom says that's grass. It reminds me of hay, except it was a bit damp and I can't pick up the grass with teeth. Oh...and it sure doesn't taste like hay. There was also this hard, gray stuff Mom calls concrete. It is hard like the tile by my cage. It also doesn't taste good (yes, I tried to eat it).

Here are some photos Dad took of me and Mom in the yard.

I got to run around the yard....but I could only go as far as the leash on my harness would let me go. I suppose this makes sense. There were cars driving by on the street. I'm sure Mom was worried I might accidentally run in front of one.

I was having so much fun that Dad decided to take this short movie of me running around.

I guess I was outside for about 10 minutes or so. It was an interesting time, but I decided that I prefer being in the house. So I ran towards the front door and Mom brought me back inside. Whew! I survived the big outdoors!

Have a happy Friday!