Monday, July 7, 2008

Special Shout Out to My BunSpace Friends

If you know me and my Mom, you know we LOVE BunSpace, the online network for house rabbits and their owners.

BunSpace is cool because it allows me to make online friends all over the world. And I've made lots of really awesome friends in the past few months. So I wanted to send a special shout out to some of my best friends:

Cotufa, Bubbles, Peanut, Bunnito, and Muffin in Florida

Milo Bubbles and Nilla in Virginia

Peyton Eli and Piper Elite in Tennessee

Rascal Bunny and Flower in Arizona

Bunnito in Ohio

Pucci in Michigan

Booperloo and Meepsers in New Jersey

(....there are SO many I am sure I've forgotten someone...please forgive me if you aren't on the list)

My friends are super nice and I do my the best to be nice to them. Last week, my friends Piper Elite and Peyton Eli had to go offline for awhile. They were worried the other buns would forget about them while they were away. I was really upset, so I asked the other buns to give extra carrots to my friends so they would know we all missed them (BunSpace allows you to "give" carrots to other rabbits...I have more than 2000 now). The other buns gave LOTS of carrots to Peyton and Piper. I was SO happy. And my friend Rascal Bunny was so impressed he nominated me to be one of the "Top Buns of the Week" in BunSpace's Cawwot Tops newsletter. Here's what Rascal Bunny said about me (BIG THANKS RASCAL!)

Jackson Harering (nominated by Rascal Bunny)
"Ooooh I gots to nominate a gweat bun who iz vewy cawing about da uddeh bunz. He always sez such nice tings about sum of da bunz on Bunspace. He iz vewy suppawtive of bunz who may need a kind word too. Since Sir Peyton an Piper Elite iz off da net fur awhile, he aks evwybun to giv dem ekstwa cawwots while dere offline. Oh, by da way, dis gweat bunz name iz -- Jackson Harering!!!"

I also need to send a special thanks to my friend Benjimen in Canberra, Australia for including me in this really cool photo of some BunSpace members (Benjimen is in the top row, far left).

Isn't that a great photo?

I have said it before and I will say it over and over again. I LOVE BunSpace!