Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Week in My House

Hi everyone. I hope all is OK with you.

It has been another strange week in our house. First, we've had more of those bad storms. And as you know, I really don't like storms. But don't worry too much. I have developed a plan to best detect and then hide from the storms.

First, I sit next to my cage with one ear up.

Then, if I hear any of the rumbles of thunder I run as fast as I can into my cage. Next, I bury my head in my hay bucket.

I think this is a pretty good plan. I am in my sturdy cage (in the safest part of the house). Plus I get to eat hay all at the same time! Pretty smart, eh?

I'm happy to report the storms have not caused any more floods in my yard. Whew! But, the big river that runs through our town is REALLY flooded. My town is along the Mississippi River and Mom says the we're now having the 5th worst flood ever!

I wanted to go see the flood, but Mom told me it would be dangerous for bunnies. I suppose she is right. So she took these photos for me. Here is a sign in Muscatine's Riverview Park. Mom normally parks her car by this sign.

Here you can see people walking in the street by the park.

Do you see the statue behind the people in the photo above? Mom says when the river isn't flooded, people can walk right up to the statue and have their photo taken with it. Mom is really worried about the statue. She headed the committee that raised the money to have the statue built. It makes her sad to see it surrounded by water.

And as if the storms and Mississippi River flood weren't bad enough, Mom hurt her neck this week. Oh NO! The doctor doesn't know what's wrong with her so she has to have some big x-ray tomorrow. In the meantime, I am trying to make her feel better.

And when I'm not hiding from the storms or making Mom feel better, I am working on my begging technique. I know my treats are in this cabinet. If only I could reach them myself!

Finally...I want to send a special shout-out to my BunSpace friends, especially my best buddy Milo Bubbles. It was his birthday this week. Happy Birthday Milo!
Well that's all from my house this week. Until next time.....bye!