Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Mom is Doing Better....Just in Time to Travel

Hi everyone. I wanted to give you an update on my Mom.

As many of you know, Mom hurt her neck last week. I tried to make her feel better, but my licks were not enough. She had to use a heating pad and take medicine that made her "loopy" (my word...not hers).

Yesterday she had this big test called an MRI. Today the doctor told her that they did not find a herniated disc...WHEW! Whatever that means....I'm glad Mom doesn't have it.

Mom's neck still hurts, but I think she is feeling better. Tonight she was able to get on the floor to play with me. I rewarded her with lots of licks on her forehead (my favorite place to lick her). She even took this picture all by herself. Pretty cool, eh?

I also showed off a bit by running really fast through my tube and jumping on all of the boxes she saves for me.

We also played hide-and-seek....but somehow Mom always found me. Darn!

Thanks to all of my friends...especially those on BunSpace...who have sent me messages about my Mom. I think our bunny magic is helping her feel better.

Tomorrow Mom leaves for a place called Austin, Texas. My Dad is gone this week too. But don't worry, my Aunt Lynn is coming over to visit. I am SO excited. She always brings extra treats.

That's all for now....bye!