Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Day Mom!

Dad woke me up this morning and told me it is something called "Mother's Day." I guess that's a day when people (and bunnies) are supposed to honor their mother.

Well, I think my Mom is super special and I thank her every single day she is home with kisses.

But Dad said I needed to be EXTRA special and nice to Mom today. Well that's not too hard. All I have to do is give her even more kisses...just like I am doing in this photo.

Mom gave me some extra treats for being so nice to her. She also said I should send a special greeting to my Grandma Johnston and my Grandma McHugh because they're super special moms too! If they were here, I would give them kisses too! But since they aren't here, I am sending this special shout out to them on my blog.

I also want Grandma McHugh to know that I am thinking of her (she's not been feeling well lately). I sure hope you get better soon.

That's all from here today. Happy Mother's Day!