Friday, April 25, 2008

Wind, Rain, Floods and More!

Hi everyone. I hope all is well with you because it was a wild day here at my house.

First, my Dad stayed home from work today. It is very strange to see Dad in the house during the work week. At first I wasn't so sure I was going to like having Dad home. I was worried he would disrupt my nap (like my Mom does when she is home). But now I'm really glad he was here today because we had VERY bad weather and I was scared!

I noticed the sky was starting to turn a funny color. Then it started to thunder and lighting. I was sure it was going to rain but I didn't see any rain drops. Soon I heard this noise I have never heard before. It was very loud and annoying and it sounded really scary. Suddenly Dad came rushing down the stairs and told me there was something called a tornado coming our way. Oh no! I guess a tornado is a really, really bad wind storm. Dad told me it can be so windy that the tornado could blow the roof off our house!

I started to get really worried. Dad must have seen the look on my face because he told me not to worry too much because my play room is actually the safest place in the entire house during a tornado. But just to be safe, I decided to stay in my cage (under my new, sturdy shelf).

Dad stayed with me for almost an hour. He also turned on the TV so we could learn more about where this tornado was headed. I heard the weatherman on TV say a tornado was spotted in our county. Dad later told me it didn't come close to our house. Whew! But it did rain...and I mean it rained REALLY hard. Here you can see that our neighbor's backyard turned into a lake because it rained so hard.

And here you can see a small river of water in our front yard.

It finally stopped raining and the storm went away by the time Mom got home from work (she had to walk down six flights of stairs to get to the basement of her office building during the storm). I was really glad to see her. I was also really glad that my bear-bunny friend was also OK!
Man...I sure hope next week isn't so exciting. A rabbit can only take so much excitement in one week. In the past 7 days we've had earthquakes, flash floods, and a tornado. Can you believe it?

Hope your day was uneventful. Until next time...