Friday, April 11, 2008

Mom is Back!

I am SO excited. My Mom is home from her trip to Brazil....FINALLY!

Dad took really good care of me. And my Aunt Lynn stopped by for a few days when Dad had to go away for work too. I didn't mind. Aunt Lynn brings me cilantro...yummy!

I really don't like it when Mom is away, but I know she works so I can have all of the carrots and berry yogurt drops I could ever want. But being the opinionated bun that I am, I did have to give her a short moment of disapproval. :)

Mom was in Brazil to gather material for an upcoming radio program. Here are some photos of my Mom "in action" during her trip to Brazil.

Mom and her boss Keith in a manufacturing hangar at Embraer (third largest commercial plane manufacturer in the world). Doesn't she look funny in those safety glasses?!

Mom and my friend Flat Michael in a sugar cane field (in a rainstorm, nonetheless).

Mom, Flat Michael, and his friend Flat Gabby at a police substation in Sao Paulo.

Mom and her radio host friend David on a boat in the Port of Santos.

Mom taping the sound of soybeans being loaded into a truck near Brasilia ( Mom is a bit strange....but she tells me the sound is REALLY important).

Mom and her television cameraman friend Steve taping their ride in a combine outside the capital, Brasilia.

Mom and her boss taking a break along the beautiful beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

I am still trying to learn how to use my I think I'll continue playing with my boxes and let Mom be the journalist in our house.

Bye for now!