Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Finally Busted Down the Big Gate!

Hi everyone. I've had another very interesting day.

As most of you know, I have a 9x9 foot "room" that I get to play in every single day. To help me stay "safe' Mom and Dad have put up with wire gate to mark my "territory." For many months I have wanted to bust my way through the big gate. Well today, after months and months of chewing on the wire gate, I finally busted free!

I was shocked! Normally I will bite on the wire for hours (mainly to annoy Mom...not because I really want out). But today I didn't have to chew at all. I only needed to push it with my nose. Why didn't I think it this sooner?

I must admit I was a bit surprised at my own strength. So I immediately surveyed my work. Then I showed Mom my good work..and she just smiled (note from Mom...Jackson Harering had a little help but he doesn't know it).

Satisfied that I had achieved my goal, I hopped back into my "territory" and asked Mom to put the gate back in its proper place.

Now that I have conquered the gate, I will have to find something new to work my bunny magic on.

Until next time....