Friday, April 18, 2008

The Day the Earth Moved

I have had one VERY strange day.

It started long before the sun came up.

I was in my cage relaxing and admiring my latest round of decorating (I decided the grass rug you see on my shelf in the photo below would look much better on the "main floor").

Suddenly, I felt this strange vibration and things in my cage started to move!

At first I was just plain mad because I don't like it when people rearrange my stuff. I figured Mom was playing a trick on me. But then I realized it was still dark outside and Mom and Dad were still sleeping. Hmm....maybe my friend the Easter Bunny was in the house.

The vibrations continued and I started to get scared. The movement didn't hurt (it actually felt kind of good) but my ceramic food dish was moving on its own! Then the vibrations stopped as quickly as they started. I sat in my cage and didn't move for a few seconds. Finally, I decided to check out my bowl. It wasn't damaged. Phew!

A few minutes later Mom came to check on me. I was going to give her a hard time for playing a trick on me but she looked a little scared herself. She told me she thought we had had something called an "earthquake."

Mom says she's never felt an earthquake before but she was sure that's what caused the strange rumbling and vibrations. My Dad told her that she was imaging things and then he told her she probably had fallen asleep with her BlackBerry (not sure what Dad meant by that but I guess anyone with a BlackBerry will figure it out). Mom insisted she felt something strange and I agreed with her.

Mom told me everything was going to be fine and I decided to take a nap. When the sun came up, Mom turned on the TV and learned there was an earthquake afterall!. I guess it was a pretty strong one because Mom says our house is more than 400 miles from the place where the earthquake happened. Dad was really surprised. He was also upset he didn't feel it.

I started to worry that there would be more earthquakes. Mom told me not to worry. I wasn't so sure I wanted to believe her, so I decided to stay close to my cage. It's a good thing I did. I felt another earthquake a few hours after Mom went to work. She told me it wasn't as strong, but she could feel it on the 6th floor of her office building and she saw strange waves on the Mississippi River (which she can see from her office).

I decided to be brave tonight and spend some more time outside of my cage. But I still felt the need to be surrounded by something sturdy!

I sure hope we don't have any more earthquakes. I don't like them.

Until next time....