Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow, Snow, and More Snow!

I hope you are safe and warm. I've been playing all day trying to make Mom smile. It must have worked because she gave me extra food and a few berry yogurt drops too!

Mom has been busy working. And when she wasn't working, she was outside shoveling LOTS of snow. I was kind of upset that she wasn't spending extra time playing with me. But then she showed me the photos below. I had no idea how much snow was outside!

Mom says there is so much snow that our snow blower won't work. I guess that's a machine that moves snow. Anyway, she had to shovel the driveway and sidewalks by hand. Mr. Tom from up the block used his snow blower (that was working) to help Mom with the sidewalks and by the street. But the rest she did by herself. I know it took her a long time. I was in here a long time by myself. I think she did OK, don't you?

Here are some photos Mom took of the back yard tonight. Mom says the wind blew the snow into huge drifts.

Can you see the wall in the photo above? Mom says when there isn't snow on the ground, it is about 5 feet tall. That means the snow is REALLY deep!

A few times today Mom told me she had to shovel a path through the back yard to help keep the snow away from the exhaust pipe for our furnace. She says that's the machine that keeps me and the rest of the house warm. I'm sure glad she's making sure the furnace works!

Mom thinks we've had at least a foot of snow. I don't know how tall that is, but I do know from looking at these photos that I would get lost quickly in those big piles. I'm so glad I don't have to go out there tonight!

I think Dad should bring back something really nice for Mom since he's been stuck in warm and sunny Florida while she has been shoveling this horrible snow, don't you? I sure hope Dad reads my blog before he gets home. :)