Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Bad Things Happen When I Don't Listen to Mom

Mom and Dad were really excited when they got home tonight. They told me something called a "lunar eclipse" was going to happen. It has something to do with the earth's shadow blocking the light of the sun hitting the moon.

I REALLY wanted to see the eclipse but Mom said it was way too cold outside. Well, I didn't care if it was cold. So I decided to jump on top of my cage to see if I could get a closer look at the moon. Mom told me I wouldn't see the moon that way AND she told me NOT to jump on my cage. She said I might get hurt. I haven't hurt myself before...I don't know why she worries so much!

So I ignored Mom and before she could stop me I jumped on top of my cage anyway. But as soon as I got up there, I realized I should have listened to her. One of my nails got caught on the wire of the cage and before I knew it, I tore my nail and this bright red stuff was gushing out...all over the my fur, the wall, and the floor. I didn't know what it was but I later learned it was blood. There was SO much blood that Mom said the house looked like a horror movie.

Mom and Dad came over to help me get down and that's when Mom started freaking out. And when Mom gets upset, I get upset. I tried to run away and that only made even more blood gush out. Now it was all over the carpet AND Mom.

Dad ran upstairs and got this white powder stuff called corn starch and started putting it on my foot. Then he wrapped a small towel around my foot. Here you can see Mom petting me while my foot is wrapped in what Dad calls a "mini cast."

At first I didn't want anyone touching my foot, but then I realized that Dad was trying to make my foot better. So I tried to sit still with Mom on the couch while they worked on my foot.

Can you see all the red stuff on Mom's shirt? That's my blood. I guess I didn't sit still long enough because I was still bleeding 30 minutes later. I tried to get away from Mom so I could clean my foot and even MORE blood got on the carpet. And to make matters even worse, there was also a lot of corn starch on Mom, Dad, the couch, and the floor.

So Dad took me back to my cage area and Mom called the vet's office. Dr. Nate called her right back. He was worried about my foot but he told Mom and Dad they were doing the right thing. He said it was just going to take some time before the blood would stop. It took a long time but my foot finally stopped bleeding.

FINALLY, Mom and Dad left me alone in my cage. I feel fine and my foot doesn't really hurt. But Mom says I am going to have to go to the vet's office tomorrow. Yuck!

Now I know bad things happen when I don't listen to Mom. I'm really sorry I scared Mom and Dad. I promise to behave (but I suspect I am not going to have as much "play time" in the coming days).

Mom and Dad did go outside after the eclipse and took this photo for me. I guess they're not too mad at me. :)