Friday, April 10, 2009

Meet My Friend Pacer!

Hi everyone! I have some VERY exciting news. I have a special visitor staying with me this week. His name is Pacer.

Pacer is the traveling BunSpace mascot. I am a proud member of BunSpace and I have been reading about his adventures. I can't believe he decided to stop and visit my house as he travels all across the United States! He gets to travel like my friend Flat Michael. How cool is that?

Here we are meeting for the first time.

Immediately, I gave Pacer a tour of my room. I started with the one place my Mom does NOT want me to be: on top of my cage. Hehe...Pacer and I are such rebels!

Here I am explaining the special technique required to jump on top of the cage without my Mom knowing. :)

My Mom did let us stay on top of my cage long enough to take a few photos but she quickly made us get down. Thump!

Next I introduced Pacer to my bearbun and I even let him play inside my FAVORITE box (for a few minutes).

Then I put Pacer through the paces of my "racetrack" tube. Get it? Paces...LOL! I raced into the tube and Pacer followed....

...Mom snapped this picture as Pacer was exiting the tube and I was getting ready to run back in the other side (see me in the back of the photo).

Once we were worn out from doing the "Bunny 500" I showed Pacer the finer points of shredding a box. I think he is a quick learner, don't you?
Whew! I am exhausted. I think Pacer and I will take a nap now. In the next few days, I am going to make sure Pacer gets to see my town, Muscatine ,before he heads to his next stop.
I'll keep you posted. Bye for now!