Saturday, December 8, 2007

Saturday in the Snow

Hi everyone! The sky is full of this white stuff. Mom says it is snowing and COLD. She says it is a good thing I have a fur coat! The cold doesn't bother me. My favorite spot by my cage is nice and warm.

I haven't been outside in the snow, but I know from looking at Mom that she doesn't like snow. So I decided to entertain Mom this morning to make her forget about the snow.

Look Mom! I can climb REALLY high on my box. Wonder if I can make it into my food cabinet??


I know my treats are in this drawer. If only I could push it open with my mouth!

By the way, can you tell what I had for breakfast today?

If you guessed carrots, you are correct!

I never did get into my treats. Mom says I just had breakfast and I need to wait until later. :(

I didn't argue with her because once I got into my cabinet, I couldn't figure out how to get down. Mom had to help me out. Thanks Mom!