Saturday, December 8, 2007

Santa Time!

Right after I got done entertaining Mom today, she told me it had stopped snowing. I'm not sure I made the snow stop, but I could tell Mom was REALLY happy.

Soon she said I needed to get ready for a trip. A trip?! I want to keep my Mom happy, but I really wanted to take a nap. Mom told me we were going to see someone very special (and that I could nap in the car). So Mom pulled out my travel cage and loaded me into her car. That's when she told me we were going to Davenport to visit someone named Santa Claus.

I guess there is a big holiday coming up in a few weeks. Mom says it is called Christmas. She says Christmas means different things to different people, but she says for her the holiday always includes giving gifts and visiting Santa Claus. Mom says Santa lives at a place called the North Pole but he visits lots of places just before Christmas. Today I guess he decided to visit Petco.

Mom wasn't kidding when she said it was COLD outside. She wrapped a huge blanket around my travel cage so she could keep me warm as she took me into the store. As soon as she took the blanket off my cage, I saw a large man with a big white beard in a bright red suit sitting in a chair. Mom told me that was Santa Claus. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I wasn't expecting a man in a red suit.

Mom says she wanted me to visit Santa so she could have a photo of me with him. I guess this is somewhat of a tradition in our house. This must be a tradition at other houses too because there were big and small dogs also waiting to see Santa Claus. Some of the dogs were far more interested in me than Santa. I wonder why?

I was really scared at first and didn't want to come out of my cage. Mom promised me a treat when the photo session was over so I decided to come out of my cage. I even let Santa hold me so I could get my treat! Guess what? Santa was actually really nice. I don't like it when strangers hold me, but I didn't mind it when Santa picked me up.

Someone helping Santa (Mom called her an elf) took my photo with a funny looking camera that spit out a picture. But the elf let Mom take photos with her new digital camera. Here are the photos Mom took.

Santa told me I was the nicest rabbit he had ever met. The elf told Mom that I was the only rabbit who came to visit Santa today. Wow!

After I was safely back in my cage (and I had my treat), the elf gave Mom a gift bag with lots of things for dogs. They didn't have anything for rabbits because I was the first rabbit to visit Santa. Mom said the gift would be perfect for my cousin Cosmo. I think so that's what I am going to give him for Christmas.

Right before we left the store, Mom took me to see the rabbits Petco has for sale. They were big like me (but I think I am FAR more handsome). They had small glass cages that Mom said looked like they were made for fish. They really need a bunny condo like mine! Since the rabbits were behind glass, I couldn't talk to them, but I could tell they were sad. Now I know I am really lucky to have a big space to play in. I'm also really glad that I have my Mom and Dad.

I wasn't so sure I wanted to see Santa Claus, but now I am really glad Mom took me all the way to Davenport today. Thanks Mom!