Sunday, November 18, 2007

Welcome Home Mom!

Hi everyone. I am very excited. My Mom is finally home from her trip! Don't get me wrong, Dad took really good care of me. But I love to lick Mom's face so I am glad she is home.

Mom went to a place called South Korea with a group of journalists. She even got to visit a place called North Korea. I guess not many people get to visit North Korea. Here's Mom with her group at Mt. Kumgang resort in North Korea (she's in the back row).

And here's a photo Mom's coworker Sean took from the top of the hotel they stayed at in North Korea.

I wanted to go with Mom but she says they eat rabbits there! I guess it is a good thing I stayed at home. I was kind of frustrated that Mom was gone, so I kept eating my box and throwing the shreds on the floor.

Dad let me play a lot (by myself!) while Mom was gone. Here I am trying to decide if I can jump up on the plastic gate.

Mom caught me trying to jump up the plastic gate when she got home. She wasn't mad. She was just happy to see me. She says I am growing FAST. I don't care about that. All I care about is that Mom is home. And that she let me lick her face right away! :)