Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Boxer

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you.

I've been quiet on the blog during the last few weeks while I recover from being "fixed." Today my Mom took a day off work to spend with me. :) She got me up early and took me to see Dr. Fick and Dr. Tasha at Muscatine Veterinary Hospital. I was really worried that Mom was going to leave me again, but she told me not to worry. I was only going to get my stitches taken out.

Had I known that, I could have saved her the trip. I chewed all of my stitches out all by myself this week. Dr. Fick and Dr. Tasha wanted to see the scar on my tummy. Dr. Tasha found a stitch I didn't and she took it out. She also says I have something called an infection on my skin. Mom says that's probably because I chewed my stitches out. Now I have to take medicine to make my skin get better. Yuck! But, Mom says she will give me treats if I take my medicine. So I am going to try and take that nasty tasting pill.

This week my Mom got me a new toy. It's a big box. I love it! I can jump on it.

Best of all, I can chew on it!

Mom decided to take a movie of me playing with my box. You can see it by clicking on this link from my MySpace page:

Mom says I need to chew on the box and not her baseboards. She puts me back in my cage when I chew on the baseboards. I guess I better stick to chewing on my box.

Mom says now that I am "fixed" I can spend more time out of my cage and playing in my area. Sometimes I get to stay out for a couple of hours while Mom and Dad watch TV at night. I really like this because I can go into my cage and eat when I am hungry, guard my cage, and run around a play when I want to!

Whew! All of this playing makes me tired. It is time to head to bed.