Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Big Fix

Hi everyone. I hope you have had a better day than I have.

Last night my Dad told me that I was going to have a "big day." I wasn't sure what he was talking about and I didn't really care since he gave me lots of cilantro to eat.

But right after 8pm my Mom took my food away. She said I needed to rest for my "big day." I didn't want a "big day." I just wanted my food! I tried pouting for Mom but she didn't give me any food. :(

This morning Mom pulled out my travel cage. She told me I was going to Dr. Fick's office to get "fixed." Fixed? I didn't think anything was broken! I was really confused, but Mom told me that everything would be fine. I wasn't so sure, especially since she kissed me, told me I was going to be OK, and then left me alone at Dr. Fick's office!

Don't get me wrong, I really like Dr. Fick and everyone at Muscatine Veterinary Hospital, but I would rather be with my Mom and Dad. Soon, someone wearing a mask wrapped a towel around me and put this funny mask on my face. I'm not sure what happened next. All I know is that I woke up and a bunch of the fur on my tummy was gone!

Someone at Dr. Fick's office took these photos while I was getting "fixed." Those people sure look scary in those masks. It is a good thing I trust them!

Mom came to get me around noon. I was really tired and my tummy hurt. Mom gave me some medicine to make me feel better. She also gave me a few extra treats. But I am not all that hungry right now.

Mom says getting "fixed" is a big part of growing up. I sure hope so because I don't want to go through this again. I'm not really mad, but I am staying close to my cage tonight.

That's all for now.