Sunday, October 26, 2008

A Crafting Tornado Has Hit My House!

Hi everyone! I hope all is well with you. I am grumpy today. Can you tell?

I am grumpy because Mom and Dad had friends over today to help them with some "projects." These "projects" interrupted my nap time...and I am NOT happy about it!

Dad was making wine in the "brewery" he built in the basement workroom with his friend Bill. It's a "secret" no photos allowed.

Dad didn't bother me much. But Mom drove me nuts! She and her friend Janet are busy getting ready for the Muscatine Art Center's annual Festival of Wreaths (and more) event next month. Mom is president of the Friends of the Muscatine Art Center. I guess her group raises money to pay for the Art Center's education coordinators. Mom calls the biggest fundraiser of the year. Well I think this is great. But does she have to interrupt my nap time???

Let me show you the state of the room on the other side of my gate.

And if you think this is should have seen it a week ago! Mom and Janet are responsible for decorating SEVEN table top or potted trees, TWO wreaths, THREE place settings with china, EIGHT table centerpieces, and ONE strand of garland.

Half of the work is done....the other half is partially done. Hence the mess in my house! Here are some of the projects they worked on today.

I don't know how Mom does it. She's been sick for the past four days with a sinus infection (I guess that means she can't breath very well...and she's talking funny). I just hope this Festival stuff ends soon so I can have my Sunday nap time back. Mom says Festival starts on November 9 and ends with a big gala...and auction for the stuff she and others are making....on November 15.

That's all for now....