Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Mom and Dad Went to Chicago and All I Got Was This Autographed CD!

My Mom and Dad just got back from a two-day trip to Chicago. They were there to see some friends and to see a concert by the band, Cracker. Yes, that would be the same Cracker that once had a manager named "Jackson Haring."

I wanted to go to Chicago, but Mom said the concert would be too loud for my ears. She also told me when she got back that the park the concert was held in was a big mud puddle due to lots of rain last week. I guess Mom and Dad had to buy some new shoes so they could see the concert

So I stayed here and played with a new friend, "Aunt Lynn." She is pretty cool. (Thanks Aunt Lynn for taking care of me!).

But Mom did bring me back a CD, signed by Cracker's David Lowery.

I wanted to chew on the case, but Mom said it was far too valuable for me to chew on. :(

Mom and Dad told me the concert was awesome. The band even played one of the songs that mentions my name. That's pretty awesome. Dad recorded the song (Duty Free) on his digital camera. You can see the performance via the video section of my MySpace page:

I am supposed to tell you the video is compressed, so the quality isn't great. But you can clearly hear my name....and see my Mom briefly jumping around like a bunny if you watch carefully. I'm also supposed to tell you there is a bad word toward the end of the song. She covered my ears during that part when I watched it!

Here are some other photos Dad took in Chicago.

Cracker on Stage

Mom with Cracker's David Lowery

Mom with Cracker's Johnny Hickman

Mom with Signed CD!

Mom says I am supposed to tell you that she had so much fun at the concert that her hair was soaking wet when Dad took this photo. She must have taken "jumping" lessons from me, because Dad says she was dancing the whole time.